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Recent News - Fall 2014


Stephanie signed with Allegory Creative Management for Commercial Representation! She also took some great new headshots sporting some straight-hair (but don't worry, the curly hair ain't going nowhere!)


Stephanie also got cast in a sketch comedy group, performing with the Strait Jacket Society! You can see her and her team, Bees?, perform weekly at the SJS theatre - located at The Complex in Hollywood.


Stephanie also released the pilot episode of her web series, The Book Club on YouTube! Check it out here. Stephanie wrote, produced, cast, and acted in the zany project! More episodes to come in 2015.


Stephanie also performed weekly with SafeHouse, and produced monthly script reading events as a Board Member of 2nd Sundays. She also performed in and helped produce, the annual 2nd Sundays Industry Showcase. The event was a huge success, with staged readings of 8 excerpts of tv/film scripts workshopped during the 2S season, along with a reception, silent auction, networking, and raffles.


Stephanie also completed casting workshops with Jenny Treadwell, Lindsay Weissmueller, Wayne Morse, Tim Payne, Angela Scaletta and Scott David, and continued to assist in sessions with Morman/Boling Casting.


And finally, Stephanie was a Team Co-Captain for The Rescue Train's LA Race for the Rescues - held at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. Stephanie helped the team raise over $40,000! She also met her run time goal when she ran the 10K race :) The huge annual event raised over $350,000 for 20+ animal rescue groups in SoCal!!


Recent News - Winter 2014


Stephanie finished out 2014 strong! She continued to perform weekly with SafeHouse, as well as her sketch comedy group, Bees?, at The Complex.


She also completed casting workshops with Alexis Koczara & Christine Shevchenko, Arlie Day, and Christine Ciraolo. And lined up a bunch of new workshops for 2015.


Another highlight was the opportunity to attend a private event at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood. Stephanie had heard many things about the place - an institution in LA - and had always wanted to go! She enjoyed a great brunch and magic show at the iconic magic club...even getting called on stage to help with a trick!


Stephanie also got the chance to visit Cancun, Mexico. She enjoyed the delicious local cuisine, the beautiful beaches, and the famed Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza!


Stephanie also went up to Seattle to spend the holidays with family and friends.




Recent News - Summer 2014


Stephanie began studying at the Scott Sedita Studios, known for their strong sitcom training. Stephanie is targeting comedies and is honing her single & multi-cam chops over there!


Stephanie completed an on-camera Advanced Auditioning intensive at the Annie Grindlay Studios, where she worked her cold reading skills every week, with challenging and fun tv/film scenes.


Stephanie also completed casting workshops with Kimberly McCollum, Lisa Zambetti, Melanie Crescenz, Jami Rudofsky, Michael McCaskey, Jamie Castro and Tawny Dicce.


Stephanie also began assisting in sessions with Morman/Boling Casting! She's having a blast working the camera (from the other side) and enjoying the opportunity to see the process from the CD angle!


Stephanie also became involved with SafeHouse, a private script reading group comprised of professional actors and writers. The group has been around for 10 years and Stephanie enjoys performing scripts in a cold read environment on a weekly basis.


Stephanie continued to serve as a Producer and Board Member for the script reading group 2nd Sundays, where she not only performed with the group, but helped produce readings. Click HERE for more info.


And finally, as Stephanie loves animals (especially dogs), she became a Co-Captain for Team Rescue Train LA, for the October 18th Race for the Rescues. This huge annual event raises money for 30+ animal rescue groups in SoCal. Runners, walkers, kids and dogs welcome! Click HERE for more info.


Recent News - Spring 2014

Stephanie became a FINALIST on The Reel Deal!!!


Please check out her profile and cast a vote for her to become a contestant on the show here: (Voting ends on May 15th, and contestants will be announced soon after!)


Stephanie signed with Network Talent Agency for Commercial Representation!


Stephanie began a course in Alexander Technique with Brett Hershey, a terrific instructor and teacher. 


Stephanie did casting workshops with Rick Messina, Andy Henry, and Tara Treacy, and completed her first Groundlings course!


Stephanie became a SEMI-FINALIST on the new competition reality TV show for creatives called The Reel Deal! You can find out more about the show at:, and find Steph's profile page at:

Recent News - Winter 2014. Happy New Year! 

Stephanie began training at the famed Groundlings Improv School, and will complete the first course in the program by Spring 2014.


Stephanie was short-listed as a finalist for a prestigious 15-month entertainment industry mentorship program, through the Community Leadership Institute of Los Angeles. 


Stephanie also became a Board member of the popular 2nd Sundays Script Reading Series in LA, and looks forward to producing both public and private script readings for the organization, a collaboration between professional writers and actors.


Stephanie continued meeting new casting directors, and workshopped with Melissa Messer, Beau Clark, and Danielle Eskinazi. She also trained on-camera with Jamison Haase, Sunny Boling and Meg Morman.


Finally, Stephanie cast a film! It's called Grey Skies, and its a UCLA MFA short film. It will premiere in June 2014. This was the first time that Steph was a CD on a project other than her own, and it was an exciting, challenging, and eye-opening experience. Kudos to all of the real CD's out there - it is a difficult job and takes patience, tenacity, and hard work to assemble a cast!

Recent News - Fall 2013

Stephanie and a team of 18 cast and crew shot the pilot episode of her webseries, The Book Club. The shoot went really well, and the episode is currently in post-production. The goal is to create and produce at least 5 more episodes for 2014.


Stephanie auditioned for television shows currently on CBS and NBC.


Stephanie also continued her acting training, establishing herself with several more casting directors, including Tim Payne, Jan Bina, Lyndsey Baldasare, Meg Lieberman, Kendra Castleberry, Vanessa Spencer and Ivy Isenberg, and studied television comedy with Nick Anderson.


She also became involved with some great community organizations, and volunteered with YALA, an LA-based young adult group, and The Rescue Train, an animal rescue group that runs a large-scale Race for the Rescues event each year.

Recent News - Summer 2013 went live!


XCOM, the video game by 2K Games (that Steph did Mo-Cap on) will be released on August 20, 2013!


Stephanie is currently developing a web series. She is writing, producing, and acting in the ensemble production. The first episode will shoot in September.


Stephanie also completed an 8-week Actor's Career Mastery course, workshopped with several casting directors (including Karina Walters, Russell Boast, Josh Einsohn, Tracy Lilienfield, Lindsay Jameyson and Jaime Harlan) and completed the 2nd Level of an On-Camera Auditioning class with Sunny Boling and Meg Morman. She also went to several industry events: Channel 101, YALA, SAG, 2nd Sundays and TAC.


Stephanie will also be volunteering with The Rescue Train, an amazing organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption of dogs & cats in LA. She is looking forward to helping with their Race for the Rescues events in the Fall!

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