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Stephanie (Steph) Fodor was born and raised in Kailua, Hawaii, on the island of O'ahu. A proud member of SAG-AFTRA from a young age, Stephanie has acted professionally on tv, film, commercials, stage, industrials, web, print, voice-over, hosting, and motion-capture projects.

Growing up, Stephanie took her academic studies seriously. She graduated with Honors from Punahou High School (President Obama went there) and Cum Laude with Honors from top-ranked Brandeis University in Boston (majoring in International Relations, and minoring in Economics, Theatre, and East Asian Studies.) Always interested in being a well-rounded individual, Stephanie also grew up playing soccer, running track, and studying dance (ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop.)


Steph has been studying and training in her craft for many years, and graduated at the top of her class from the MFA Equivalent Two-Year Professional Meisner Training Program at the famed Baron/Brown Acting Conservatory in Los Angeles. She continues to regularly train in scene study, audition and on-camera classes, to keep her skills sharp and competitive!


While her main focus and passion is acting, Steph loves all aspects of the entertainment industry. In order to better educate herself about the business, she gained hands-on experience working in tv and film production, feature film development, and casting.


Steph believes in embracing life and experiencing all it has to offer. She has traveled around the world to over a dozen countries (including Turkey, Spain, Vietnam and Malaysia.) She even lived abroad in Tokyo, Japan and Hong Kong, China...and managed to do acting projects in both places! You can see some travel photos below. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys scuba diving, pilates, running, yoga, TRX, hiking and dance.


She looks forward to developing her own projects in the future, as well as collaborating with creative and talented filmmakers who inspire and entertain with their work.



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